Why we started

About Founder
Larry Song started her fashion journey in 2009 when she traveled to France with her friend Lisa. Lisa's mother runs a family-run studio in the city of Paris, which Larry Song visits. In this studio, she saw a lot of amazing sewing work, and these clothes is not common on the Internet; so Larry Song came up with the idea of creating an online shop "Saletees".

Who we are

Saletees was founded in 2010. Saletees is an online shopping site for young women, focusing on women's clothing (including tops, dresses, hoodies, sweatshirts, outerwear, bottoms, swimwear, etc). Our clothing is rich in variety, high quality and comfortable. Our clothing is mainly sold to Europe and the United States.

When we touch clothes, we know that comfort is your first feeling. We aim to provide you with a comfortable dressing experience. No matter what occasion or time of day you are in, we want our products to help with comfort.

How we developed

In 2010, the "Saletees" online shops was officially launched.
In 2012, we increased our control over the quality of goods, from material to production.
In 2015, after several years of exploration, we officially changed our marketing strategy and started to work on social media.
In 2021, we are partnering with several well-known warehousing service providers to help you deliver your items faster.

Where we are going

Our vision
"Comfort and beauty are at your side anytime, anywhere"
Saletees prides itself on providing comfortable, beautiful apparel for those who seek both comfort and a beautiful life. Saletees has always been adhering to the concept of "comfort and beauty be with you anytime, anywhere".

Our guiding principles
Your shopping experience is important!
We care about your shopping experience. We spend time and effort to provide you with a convenient, safe and worry-free shopping community.

Our goal
Customer satisfaction and happiness!
We believe that a website that helps and delights customers can go on for a long time. For us, your feedback is very important. Because it is the driving force for us to achieve our goals.

Our Email: [email protected].